About Me

Butterflies by Kasia

Hi, my name is Kasia

and I'm an amateur photographer specialising in photographing butterflies.

My passion for photographing butterflies started soon after I have bought my first DSLR Nikon D90, strolling around on countryside and snapping anything and everything, I discovered that a small fluttering insects are something that interest me a lot. I saved up for my first macro lens 105mm f2.8 Nikkor. I have spent hours chasing butterflies, researching about their life, behaviour and habitats. In the meantime I was learning about macro photography. After few years I've upgraded my kit with Sigma 180mm f2.8 APO Macro and discovered new opportunities in my photography soon after I've changed my camera to full frame Nikkon D810 to get better quality images.

I share my passion for photography with my partner Nigel, both of us spending most of our spare time photographing butterflies during the season in UK or travelling abroad to photograph  European species. 

I'm hoping you will enjoy looking trough my pictures. If there is any questions you would like to ask me - do not hesitate and drop me an email.

Thanks for reading 

Kasia Bukowska

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